About Dr. Figures

This technology was developed by Dr. Daniel E. Acuna and it is currently running as beta program, accessible by invitation only. Part of the intellectual property is also being licensed by Syracuse University. Please contact Dr. Acuna for more information. (c) Copyright by Dr. Figures, Acuna, and Syracuse University.

Terms of use

  • TERMS OF SERVICE. Use of this website and corresponding tools is made available to a limited number of approved not-for-profit entities upon request. Usernames and logins are provided by Syracuse University to approved users/authorized individuals. By logging in, user accepts the terms and conditions as outlined here. Syracuse University reserves the right to pursue legal action against individuals and entities attempting to tamper with or access this tool without authorization.
  • RESEARCH TOOL. This is a proprietary research tool, and the software is in development. Detection of re-use of images is not guaranteed. Use of the software and its results is at the user's own risk. Users are cautioned against relying solely on this tool to identify image re-use and image manipulation.
  • BETA USER FEEDBACK. Evaluation Feedback. Limited access is provided to authorized users in exchange for evaluation of tool. In furtherance of this purpose, authorized users shall provide feedback to Syracuse University regarding the functionality and performance of the tool. Feedback and workflow information provided in connection with evaluation feedback may be used to improve or enhance the tool, without any obligation to individuals or entities providing such feedback.
  • NO SUPPORT. Syracuse University is under no obligation to support the tool/software in any way or to make improvements to the tool.
  • MISCELLANEOUS. Authorized users receive a non-exclusive, limited duration, limited seat, revocable end user license to the software. Reverse engineering is strictly prohibited. Patent-pending, U.S. App. No. 16/752,113. All rights reserved. This website is operated by Syracuse University.